We offer innovative and powerful proprietary video solutions that create video advertising inventory and monetization on all screens.

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As TV advertisers are shifting budgets online, video advertising will only grow. But advertisers are confronted with a growing lack of visible, measurable, engaging and brand safe quality video inventory. Available on trusted and transparent publisher websites only. Dedicated to help overcome this situation, VMG offers publishers, broadcasters, ad networks and advertisers highly innovative, reliable video advertisement formats. Plus a comprehensive high end monetization platform.




Engaging Video Ad Formats

A multitude of engaging non-intrusive video formats fit for any screen on desktop, mobile web and in-app.

Modular Video Stack

A unified video ad server, open RTB based SSP, PMP and monetization module, high end video CMS.


Fast and easy management of formats, inventory, clients and campaigns. Create reports and get in-depth performance and yield analysis.

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